You have big dreams. Dreams that give you the ability to work for yourself, not sacrifice work for family, set your own hours, and do what you love for a living. Maybe you’ve been working hard at your craft for a couple of years, and feel like the sales have plateaued.


You may be wondering if you’re doing this ‘business’ thing right and if you are making the right decisions for your company. Falling into the “comparison trap” makes your confidence level diluted. Or, you’ve lost motivation because working from home is a lonely challenge and you need a community.


If you’ve ever felt like you need some direction, resources, financial stability, pricing help, or focus for time management and balance, Creative’s Academy might be the right place for you. We’ll tell you exactly how to do things, get really  granular, detailed, and develop a community that is lifelong.

We’ll walk you through our proven six-step plan for success to help you take the uncertainty of “am I doing this right?” and help you find clear direction, discover the best financial strategy for pricing, income, and cash flow, and be taken seriously by your family and peers as a real business. Read more below.    

What is Creative’s Academy? Creative’s Academy is a 7 week, online, business course for creative entrepreneurs, brought to you by Stationery Academy. Each week, you’ll log into the course to watch short video lessons and complete the coordinating worksheets. Then, you’ll hop into the private community forum and learn from your fellow classmates and weekly guest coaches from the industry.

We’ve identified 6 crucial parts of a successful creative business: Core, Client, Brand, Money, Call, and Plan. The course material is exactly what is used at our in-person conference, Stationery Academy – a course that has helped hundreds of creative business owners find direction, motivation, vendors, resources, and knowledge to help their businesses thrive.

Each week, we will release a module with video lessons, worksheets, homework, and resources. As a student, you will have access to our private forum for sharing collective knowledge and connecting with your classmates. You will also be able to participate in Q&A calls for strategic guidance from Jennifer to make sure you are taking action and getting the best value from your investment. Plus, we’ll have some special guests join us for even more expertise and input each week in the private forum.


You have access to this program and curriculum of life. You can review our content and refresh your knowledge as many times as you’d like as long as Creative’s Academy exists.

Who is Creative’s Academy for?

  • Action-Oriented and self-motivated creative business owners with a desire for personal growth and increased business knowledge.
  • New entrepreneurs with a dream to start or launch a product-based business who are wanting to gain direction, knowledge, and a plan for success.
  • Established businesses who are need to reevaluate what’s working, learn what to change while contributing and absorbing the collective knowledge from your classmates. Our alumni have returned year after year to learn and grow with Stationery Academy. Remember, we don’t know it all and none of us have it all figured out in business (or in life).
  • Any creative entrepreneur, not just stationery and gift business owners. Stationery Academy’s curriculum has hosted graduates in interior designer, consultants, etiquette experts, wedding and event planners/designers, bloggers, illustrators, Etsy shop owners, graphic designers, and retailers. Our alumni have MBAs, years of experience, and lots of heart.


Thinking and dreaming about your ideal life or perfect business plan for success or financial security will only get you so far! You have to act! And the way to act is to get busy with learning so you can build a better creative business now.

Who is Creative’s Academy not for?
We understand that Creative’s Academy is not for everyone, and we want you to know everything about our program up front so you can make sure if this community is right for you. Creative’s Academy is not for you if you think you have everything under control and already established what you think is a successful business. Know-it-alls, complainers, people with excuses, and those who are reluctant to change and growth should be cautious in applying. We are an open community of humble business owners who are willing to share and grow with each other in business knowledge.


You will need to devote 4-8 hours a week for 7 weeks to get the value you invested in from this program. This program is completely virtual and is a group coaching program. Community is very important to us and your full participation is important for the best experience.

Past attendees from Creative’s Academy are seeing big results from our course in their businesses. You’ll be following the same coursework these business owners completed to help you gain clarity through discovering your mission, client, signature style, financial stability, and marketing, and goal setting.

Read more testimonials here.

I really enjoyed the entire course, but the Your Brand module was the most helpful for where I am in my business. There were several parts through the different videos where I felt like my eyes were opened & I finally understood what I had been doing wrong leading up to Creative’s Academy. I also loved the opportunity to build connections & friendships within the private Facebook group. I loved the “judgement-free” policy, and the sisterhood that formed over the course of the 7 weeks.

I had heard such great things about Stat Acad, that Creative’s Academy felt like a no-brainer. I learned about the course, and signed up the next day. My only reservation was the money – I hadn’t made *that much* in 2014 to make me feel justified in spend $1k on myself… but then I snapped out of it because I knew that this course would pay for itself in the long run.

I had gotten so wrapped up into the daily mundane tasks of my business, that I never had a reason to step back & see my business for what it was, and to ask those big questions that busy business owners don’t usually think to ask themselves. Why am I doing this? What are my goals? I would’ve never achieved mental clarity about my business if Creative’s Academy hadn’t forced me to think about those things. This clarity has led me to eliminate the non-productive & least-profitable tasks off of my plate so that I can focus on what’s important in my life & in my business.

I would absolutely recommend Creative’s Academy to anyone who’s serious about growing their business. I had spent the previous 2 years Googling & searching for the answers to each of my questions as they popped up… I wasted countless hours reading non-helpful advice, and learning things the hard way. As we all know, time is money… so I constantly felt like I was leaving money on the table in regards to my business because I didn’t have enough time. I was always SO busy! These 7 weeks have taught me more than I think I could have possibly learned on my own within the next 2 years. This course was not cheap, BUT I think the time & money I’ve saved myself through what I’ve learned in this course has already made this a worthwhile investment.

Linda St. Amant

owner/designer, Sprinkled Designs

Creative’s Academy was very organized and packed full of information that I could apply to my business immediately! The worksheets were easy to understand and were exactly what I was looking for – I wanted something that I could work on in the comfort of my own home, at my own pace. However, my favorite part besides the amazing info and worksheets were the bonuses like the recorded webinars and podcasts – great extra value! I would have loved more! It is so nice to hear from other industry professionals who have been where I am and are now sharing what they have learned.


I was thrilled the second it was announced! I had wanted to attend Stad Acad for forever and a day, but didn’t think I could be away from my kids and spend the extra money to travel. I received my master’s online, so I knew I was disciplined enough for an online course – this could not have come at a better time! I literally had no reservations after hearing so many success stories come out of Stad Acad.


I think the Creative’s Academy really allowed me to sit down and focus on my drive, my goals, and my future in the stationery and gift arena. I hadn’t really take the time to do that. I literally started with products and had been flying by the seat of my pants! I now have a plan of action, a mission statement, I found my why, and I am getting my finances in order! It feels pretty good!


I would recommend Creative’s Academy to anyone who is disciplined enough to put in the work. This is not a course where you can sit back, watch a few videos and then wait for the magic to happen. You have to put the lessons into practice, show up for the weekly calls, and get to know your fellow classmates to get the full benefit of the course. If you show up and participate there is a wealth of knowledge for you.

Kelly Parker Smith

owner/designer, Hello World Paper Co. & Stamps

Our Guarantee
We are fully invested in our curriculum and how it has proven to work in hundreds of our graduate’s businesses. If you get in our course, do the work and don’t feel like it’s right for you or that we have delivered what we’ve promised, we’ll happily refund 100% of your investment. In order to receive a refund, you must have completed and present all of the available worksheets and homework, and be able to show that you have put our program into action within your business. You must take action to get results.

Weekly Sessions

Video Lessons

Worksheets & Resources

Hours of Content

Defining your purpose and mission by honing in on your strengths, fears, passions, goals, and purpose is where we start and lay the groundwork for the rest of the conference and your business.

Defining your ideal client is a must. You can’t be everything to everyone, so we’ll teach you how to identify who your client is and how that will help you grow your business. We’ll walk you through step-by-step to identify your ideal customer.

Your Brand is the anchor of your company and how you take all the things you’ve learned so far and show it visually throughout your company. It is not just your logo. A big part of your brand is your own signature style and winning the “comparison game”.

After module 3, we take a week break to implement, reflect, and digest. This gives you a chance to catch up on the materials, start to implement be beginning of your business plan, and make changes to your business immediately.

Your call is how you market your business and attract customers. We’ll discuss ways you can freshen your campaigns and implement some strategies as soon as you get home. You’ll leave with the beginnings of your marketing plan and how to “get yourself out there”.

We all love what we do, but are we paying ourselves fairly and pricing our product appropriately so we can make a living? We’ll discuss how you can do both and feel better about it, plus we’ll provide you with spreadsheets and resources to track all of your dollars.

All of our content leads to this: a plan. We’ll use our time together this week to iron out any uncertainties, try some marketing tactics to see what works for you, check things off your action items list, and leave with a real, actionable plan and vision for the future.

Hooray! You are now an alumni and a part of a community that will help you thrive. A place for answers, motivation, and accountability from like-minded creative entrepreneurs and a support system to help you be more successful at running your creative business.

What will be covered at Creative’s Academy?
This is the same course that we teach at Stationery Academy, our in-person, live conference. Over 200 women have attended our conference and have seen growth in their business and their community. We know it’s important to you to spend your time wisely and be able to do as much as you can while “in the office.” So, this program allows you to stay at home and learn, while also building a community of like-minded women business owners across the globe.
  • 6 core sessions (or modules)
  • 35+ video lessons
  • Over 80 worksheets
  • Additional resources and bonus material at your fingertips
  • Private forum for ongoing discussion and feedback among your classmates
  • Weekly Guest Coaches for each module
  • Group Q&A calls with Jennifer and your weekly coaches
  • Life-time access to the course and one year’s Alumni dues
  • Some delightful surprises along the way

Click here to download the full 22-page content overview booklet.


Our curriculum will help you...

pursue work and life balance through time management and focus

develop relationships with vendors who can help you create the products you want to make

be confident in the work you are putting into the world and win the “comparison game”

find community to avoid isolation and develop accountability and stay motivated when you don’t see results

understand what it takes to quit your day job

technical help with social media, websites, SEO, shipping, and more

how to tactfully deal with “problem” customers or clients

discover the best use of your time and money for marketing and online and in-person driving sales

How do I apply?

Registration will open, August 30, 2016 with the course beginning on Monday, September 26, 2016. Registration is $1,449. Immediate access is given upon full payment.  Space is limited. You receive lifetime access to this content and can revisit it anytime you would like as long as the course is in existence. We encourage you to go through the course and take advantage of the community and office hours with the group schedule.
Learn more about our 6 Pillars of a Successful Creative Business with our free 60 minute webinar.

Lifetime Investment

  • Lifetime access as long as the program is in existence.
  • Revisit the content at anytime.
  • Year One Alumni Dues
  • Unlimited resources and knowledge sharing in the private forum.
Apply Now

Your Host, Jennifer Faught

President of Stationery Academy and Founder of Something Detailed. Her 10-year “corporate” career in healthcare marketing, corporate event planning, graphic design and working 3 years for start-up has taught her much about business. She is a self-proclaimed “numbers person” that hates math (as any creative most surely does!). As her stationery business grew, she took a leap of faith and decided to focus on her true passion. After six years in the wedding invitation business, she is one of the go-to designers in Nashville, recently winning Best Invitation Designer in Nashville, voted on by her peers & customers. She has dealt with wholesale, licensing, trade shows, custom invitations, sales, and online retail. Her favorite thing about coaching is finding the strategy that works for you and seeing a bit of encouragement and permission create a blossoming creative business.

Because we have access to the archives from Stationery Academy’s past webinars, we’ll be also have cameo appearances by some of our past speakers on topics that are the biggest demand from creative entrepreneurs.

I feel like our coaching call gave me a path to progress. I have a better understanding of wholesale now and what steps I need to take to better prepare my self to start. I also now know my next month timeline for my wedding suites and several new areas to look for potential new clients. I liked having someone validate my current brand and give me steps to progress further into the process. I felt like the call looked at my line from a different perspective and gave me some ideas that I had not come up with myself. I learned a lot and it was great having the perspective of someone that has been very successful in my same business.

Laurie Louis

owner/designer, Laurie Louis

Jennifer was extremely easy to talk to and offered a vast amount of knowledge, feedback and tips that will ultimately help me reach my business goals. I already have a much better grasp of how to start off on the right foot entering the world of wholesale. It is imperative to get coaching from someone who has specialized experience in the business. Jennifer offered constructive feedback and definitely got my wheels turning as to how I can do better. Every question I had was answered. What an amazing resource for my growing business. I already feel ten steps ahead of where I was. I truly got so much out of my coaching call. I feel more confident and prepared to tackle the wholesale industry with a much better understanding of how it all works. #gamechanger

Amanda Graus

owner/designer, All Things Pretty

Getting outside feedback from my coaching call assured me that I was on the right track and making good decisions for my business. I have been able to really narrow my focus and press forward building my business. On top of helping me focus, Jennifer gave me some great tidbits about industry standards that I was wondering about and able to apply to my strategic planning. I would definitely recommend a coaching call to anyone at any level. As makers and business owners, sometimes we can’t distance ourself from our business and things get a little muddled in our brains or get a little insecure about making so many decisions by ourselves. I think coaching calls are a great way to get outside feedback and reassurance from a trusted professional. My coaching call saved me countless hours of spinning in circles wondering about decisions coming my way. I was able to apply what I learned and make decisions about things I had been waffling on and let go of other distractions.

Kaitlin Goodey

owner/designer, Goodey Studio

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